Welcome To the Arivium Region


The Arivium Region

A new journey awaits!


A new region has been discovered!

Many known species of pokemon call the various biomes found across the region their home be it the lush jungle or the frigid north of the Timber Woods.
The region follows a traditional system just like the games do with an 8 gym structure and an elite 4 to rival your talents!

A new Evil team Awaits!

A dark presence reveals itself!
A mysterious team stirring trouble across the region, aid the region’s professor in halting their plan as you discover secrets buried beneath Arivium’s rich history as this evil team aims to awaken Titans who lay dormant for centuries!
Creator: Tyleraa2

Pick your starter!


Unique Features


Arivium is already packed with features to make sure everyone can enjoy a fun and sometimes challenging pokemon journey! But... we kinda took that to a new level by introducing two brand new concepts, Dungeons and skills!


Skills to be learned:

The inhabitants of Arivium are skilled in various activities such as fishing, herbalism and mining.
These skills help them interact with various pokemon and grow as individuals!

If you’re lucky you may just pick up on them yourselves.

Dungeons to explore:

Across the region various challenges await for trainers in the form of dungeons.
Inside each resides a mini journey, a powerful dungeon boss challenge and even greater rewards to those who overcome the encounter!

Custom Pokemon Forms


Arivium with its many biomes and locations birthed Pokemon unique to the region!
Adapting to their surroundings many pokemon have undergone drastic changes in type and stats!

If you have any pokemon you would like to see a new form of please contact The Media Team!

I'm sorry to say that the information is not available on mobile :c

Latest Patchnotes


1. /quests command added - discovering a quest unlocks quick travel to the quest
2. Cratecoin Shop at spawn - further fixes and improvments
3. All major towns/cities - a new npc trader added looking for specific stats in exchange for money
4. In an effort to continue to improve overall play experience the auto restart each day is now every 6 hours
5. E4 exploits fixed
6. Current gauntlets on champion island converted to warps in a vchest
7. Skill mini bosses have had info added beside each for greater understanding and clarity
8. Prestige rewards added Climb and claim from prestige 1 -> 10 
9. Ether's and a few other previously unsellable items are now sellable
10. Tm shops make their return throughout the region (prices currently in adjustment)

1. Arivian Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe [Chocollite, Chocollish, Chocolluxe] added
2. Arivian Skrelp, Dragalge added
3. Arivian Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon [Hydreiplant] added
4. Arivian Scyther, Scizor added
5. Arivian Mareanie, Toxapex [Smeltreanie, Pyropex] added
6. Arivian Salandit, Salazzle added
7. Arivian Gible, Gabite, Garchomp added
8. Arivian Feebas, Milotic [Mildread] added
9. Arivian Croagunk, Toxicroak added
10. Panthian Skiddo, Gogoat added
11. Panthian Spritzee, Aromatisse added

[Route 23 / Spawn Route]
1. 3 Npcs have been hidden and reward players who reach rank 3 in each of the respective skills

[Canopy Side Town]
1. Raid Dungeon [3] Pirate theme added
(releasing this week)

1. Hatchery Side Quest added

[Victory Road]
1. Pathing through each mountain redesigned from scratch. 
2. Spawns for each cavern updated - 3% chance of encountering new forms for Tyrantrum, Bastiodon, and Rampardos
3. Legendary tier skill spots for all 3 skills added to victory road (legend hunt quests coming next for skills)